Why get married in Tuscany? Here are 3 good reasons

Tuscany is one of Italy’s most beautiful regions, so it’s no great surprise that it has become incredibly popular as a wedding location. If getting married in Tuscany has been a dream of yours for many years, or if you’re just starting your search, read on and we’ll reveal 3 reasons why getting married in Tuscany is worth it.

Architecture and breathtaking landscapes

Antico Borgo San Lorenzo offers couples the chance to have their wedding in a real Tuscan village. The goal of a lifetime not only for those who come from abroad and want to get married in Tuscany, but also for Italians who wish to crown their dream of love in a location that encompasses so many.
In fact, in Antico Borgo San Lorenzo we have many “micro-locations”: as a hamlet you will be spoilt for choice for the perfect views for your wedding photos.
Wherever you choose to hold your ceremony in our location, you’ll be spoilt for choice for incredible wedding photos, which you can proudly display at home forever and share with future generations. After all, the rolling hills provide the perfect backdrop for your wedding and the sunrise and sunset images are exceptional for telling the story of your unforgettable day of love.

Incredible food and wine

Tuscany is also famous for its extraordinary culinary and wine-making traditions.
In the wedding venues in Tuscany that you visit to choose the right one for your wedding, always look for the authentic touch of the region.
Don’t settle for anything less than the local food and wine that Antico Borgo San Lorenzo offers to every bridal couple. The timeless? Chianti, Vernaccia di San Gimigna-no, Brunello di Montalcino, to be served with bread crostoni with Lardo di Colonnata, liver pate, Tuscan Pecorino…

Relaxed pace of life

Although weddings are always a source of great stress for those who organise them, getting married in Tuscany is synonymous with something else entirely!
Tuscans believe in a relaxed lifestyle, and it’s very likely that you’ll feel the same way.

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