Get married in a fantastic wedding villa

The wedding day is a moment that has been longed for and planned in detail since you were a child. Some imagine it in a wedding villa, others in a country or vintage style; whatever your idea of the perfect wedding is, it is the location that drives the true style of your wedding. That’s why, by all accounts, it is one of the most important choices to make, perhaps the most important. But finding the right venue is not as easy as you think… or is it?

Why book a villa for weddings?

The place where you are going to get married as a couple united by a strong and lasting love must impress and fall in love at first sight. This may not be the case with a restaurant, a beach or any other venue where others would love to have their wedding, but you just don’t feel it.
That’s why we advise every engaged couple to always book a visit to any location they find interesting: only then will you see that spark ignite.

Antico Borgo San Lorenzo is a villa for weddings in Tuscany.
Or rather, a real Tuscan village where many weddings are celebrated.
Its large spaces and numerous settings make it the ideal location to organise your wedding. It can also become your accommodation and that of your guests for a few days, to live an unforgettable experience linked to your union, accompanied by good food and good wine.

Calculate cost and time savings

If you choose to organise your wedding in a villa such as Antico Borgo San Lorenzo, you will save on the cost of renting two separate locations. In fact, the wedding and reception can both take place in our Borgo, saving you not only money but also time.
It will also be easier for your guests to focus on you and your love, avoiding travel, delays and other unpleasant inconveniences.

Contact our staff to book a visit to Antico Borgo San Lorenzo.
Crown your dream of getting married in a villa for weddings in Tuscany, surrounded by nature and breathtaking landscapes.
We will be at your complete disposal to convey to you the tranquillity of the place and the professionalism that we have been offering for years to all couples of future brides and grooms who put their trust in Antico Borgo San Lorenzo.

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