Our History

Antico Borgo San Lorenzo

Once upon a time...

Millennial History

Layers of ancient everyday life that Alessandro and Loriana Bandini were able to recognise, perceive and feel, that day, in that moment that leads you on a journey without really knowing where you are going. It was 1989 and while looking for a second country house, where they could spend some time of the year, the Bandini couple had their first appointment with Antico Borgo San Lorenzo; a group of dilapidated buildings, but pulsating with memories; a small chapel still consecrated; an expanse of surrounding land with all the typical elements of the Tuscan lands.

From the windows of the houses, there are still strong mental impressions of the sounds of the Valdelsana rural day among men and women dedicated to working the land, raising animals, raising children and caring for the elderly; from those windows, decaying or absent, the real and still current horizons over the valley, the natural boundary of territorial property. There are many ways to preserve memory, and Alessandro and Loriana were able to seize the opportunity to transform a family desire into a community desire; they understood, but above all felt the opportunity to translate the simple renovation of one of Tuscany’s many farmhouses into a work of preservation.


Dal primo appuntamento con Antico Borgo San Lorenzo sono passati più di
trent’anni; nulla se facciamo i conti con la storia millenaria del
luogo, ma tutto se consideriamo che i Bandini hanno saputo ridonare
dignità, sono riusciti a riscrivere un’altra pagina di un racconto che
rischiava di interrompersi a causa dell’oblio a cui spesso condannano i
tempi contemporanei.

Jacopo Bandini
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