Your wedding in a farmhouse in Tuscany

A fairy-tale day: that’s how we all imagine a wedding when we are children (and not only).
But there are many unknowns that life throws at us once we grow up, starting with our own and our partner’s family traditions and ending with the choice of a location that will bring the bride and groom and their guests together.
Among the thousands of possibilities, one of the timeless options is to find a place where you can find wonderful settings, well-cooked typical dishes with genuine flavours and the unfailing, intoxicating good wine. In a nutshell, an agriturismo in Tuscany.

Discover Antico Borgo San Lorenzo

Tuscany is all wonderful and is one of the regions of Italy that can win the heart of anyone. The many facets of places, food and wine it has to offer, together with the genuineness of the people, make it the perfect place not only to get married, but also to spend a relaxing holiday.

Antico Borgo San Lorenzo embodies all this: it is not only an excellent farmhouse in Tuscany, but also the ideal place to celebrate your wedding. With a menu that is never predictable, excellent, well-cooked dishes and impeccable service, we are at the service of anyone who wants to visit Tuscany.


Breathtaking views to discover

The added value of Antico Borgo San Lorenzo lies in its structure. It is in fact a real Tuscan village, made not only visitable but also usable for parties, events, weddings and relaxing holidays.

The numerous settings and the possibility of staying in the village make it the ideal location for weddings that want to leave their mark. Both the bride and groom and their guests can make use of the rooms available, extending the time and making the most of the entire place, reserved for the days booked.

If you are dreaming of having your wedding in a farmhouse in Tuscany, get in touch with our staff. We will be delighted to welcome you and introduce you to the whole of Antico Borgo San Lorenzo in all its beauty, showing you every service available for what will be the most beautiful day of your life.

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