Breathe in the history of Pisa


Four places you must see while visiting Pisa in a day trip

The name of Pisa is forever linked to its world-famous leaning tower. However, the Tower of Pisa is not the only monument to see while visiting the town. Visitors have always focused their attention on the tower, overshadowing perhaps other major monuments.

The Antico Borgo San Lorenzo’s small guide to Pisa intends to highlight some monuments, squares and other places you must see while visiting the Pisa.

Piazza del Duomo – Campo dei Miracoli

The “Square of Miracles” or Square of the Cathedral of Pisa is where some of the finest religious buildings can be found in town. The square comprises the bell tower, the baptistry, the cemeteryand the Duomoor Cathedral. It was defined by Italian poet Gabriele D’Annunzio as “miracles”, hence the fact that the whole square is also known as Campo dei Miracoli.

The Campo dei Miracoli was declared Unesco World Heritage Site in 1987 and it is in fact unique in the world for its architecture.capodeimiracoli

The Cathedralis one of the most vivid examples of the Pisan Romanesque style and still bears witness to how important the town was when it was one of the maritime republics.
We recommend you to spend 2 to 4 hours in Campo dei Miracoliand visit each monument in order to appreciate their value and get acquainted with the history of Pisa.

Lunch break then visit to Piazza dei Cavalieri

Limiting your visit to Campo dei Miracoli and not walking the 700 metres that separate it from Piazza de Cavalieri is a mistake you shouldn’t make. Piazza dei Cavalieri is one of the most gorgeous sites in all Pisa and was its centre of power for years. Here is the prestigious Scuola Normale di Pisa, located in the characteristic Palazzo della Carovana.

The square was named by Cosimo I de’ Medici who wanted to
establish here the headquarters of the Order of St Stephen. The Carovana Palace is one of the finest works by Giorgio Vasari,
who decorated the façade with zodiacal signs and allegorical figures.

The Renaissance architecture  of Palazzo della Carovana is one of the best expressions and it is simply impossible to remain indifferent  to so much beauty. Another building on Piazza dei Cavalieri is the Church of Santo Stefanoalso designed by Vasari.   Among other treasures, the church contains a “Stoning of Saint Stephen” painted by Vasari.

Once you’ve admired the magnificent  Piazza dei Cavalieri  and the buildings around it, we suggest you to make your way to two less known places that are certainly well worth a visit.

The embankments of River Arno in Pisa

Discover the embankments of River Arno in Pisa (lungarni pisani). This is one of the most characteristic areas of Pisa, and an excellent opportunity to admire some ancient palaces that played a major part in the history of Pisa.

On the other side of the embankments, you can see the “spallette”, or small brick and stone walls. We recommend you to stroll along the embankments of the river Arno in the evening, when street lights and candles are reflected on the river, thus creating a particularly romantic atmosphere.

The Mural by Keith Haring in Pisa

Keith Haring was an American painter and writer and one of the most eccentric artists of the 1980’s street culture. In 1989, a few months before his death, he painted the mural “Tuttomondo” (All World) on the external rear wall of the Church of S. Antonio in Pisa.

The work is a grand composition of characters (30) and colours that assemble as in a mosaic. Dense in symbolisms and impressively scenic, “Tuttomondo” is one of the last works by Haring and it would be a shame to miss it while visiting Pisa.

After a day filled by the wonders of Pisa, you can return to the Antico Borgo San Lorenzo to enjoy a well-deserved rest and plan your next day trip to Florence.

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