Finding a wedding location in Tuscany

Nestled in one of Italy’s most visited and loved regions there is a place so beautiful that it will make you lose your head. If you are looking for a location for weddings in Tuscany, you can end your efforts here: Antico Borgo San Lorenzo has the pleasure of welcoming you in an almost surreal setting, immersed in the green of the famous Sienese hills.
It is important that the venue you choose is able to satisfy all the needs of the couple and those of your guests. Finding a wedding location in Tuscany that meets all your needs is not easy. Planning in advance for every eventuality will be the trump card of your big day. Trust only those who can guarantee you an immediate solution to every possible problem that may arise.

Rain on your wedding day?

One of the primary fears of every couple has to do with the weather. Rain on your wedding day is a bogeyman from which you can easily escape if you choose the right location for your wedding in Tuscany. Antico Borgo San Lorenzo, with its large indoor and outdoor spaces, is the perfect place to abandon all fears of bad weather: we have dozens of magical corners to take exceptional photos, even indoors, and entertain your guests with the Italian hospitality typical of our region.

What happens if I have to cancel the wedding?

Although this is a remote possibility, it is possible that external circumstances may force you to cancel the wedding (or postpone it) as happened to many couples at the beginning of the pandemic. This is an unpleasant subject to deal with, but one that requires clear answers and ad hoc solutions. At our wedding venue in Tuscany nothing is left to chance, not even the remotest of possibilities. You can entrust our staff with any worries: we will be happy to deal with the matter together and give you precise information about our policies.

Antico Borgo San Lorenzo: availability and courtesy above all else

Antico Borgo San Lorenzo: availability and courtesy above all else
Whatever the big day you have in mind, Antico Borgo San Lorenzo is the location for weddings in Tuscany that everyone would like to book. Our staff are on hand to discuss every aspect of your wedding, organising the best plan B for every eventuality. Only in this way will you be able to become the true protagonists of the long-awaited day and leave an indelible memory of love in your hearts and in that of your guests.

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