Early morning views of the countryside around San Gimignano B&B

Waking up early, say 5 or 6 a.m., is a luxury or a massive effort for most people. In our daily life, often enough we tend to get up as late as possible and then rush around all day: daily chores, commuter trains, working hours, family duties, etc. no rest, going to bed late and waking late again next morning. So holiday time is a lovely way to adapt to a new routine.

And the Italian lifestyle can help you tremendously. Early risers can admire the wonderful hills around this charming B&B in San Gimignano in all peace and quiet; see the sun as it rises and scatters the early morning mist.

Early morning street views from San Gimignano hotel windows

Capture something of the early morning hustle and bustle in a medieval town: stay in a San Gimignano hotel. Very scenic pictures! You can stroll the narrow streets with their lot of flower pots and cross the empty town squares to the sole sound of your steps. Silence is gold and so is the light cast on the historical buildings.

Choose Antico Borgo San Lorenzo for the perfect retreat

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