Architecture and art lovers traveling to Tuscany often share the same conviction: this is the cradle of the Italian language and genius, a must-see at all costs. So it is! But a stay in charming B&B in San Gimignano, (please refer to for bookings and special offers), will soon reveal a more complete picture: Italy was not built in a day! Centuries of constant renovation works have shaped landscapes, town planning and history re-writing.

San Gimignano might stand to be the best place to be if you want to find out more: The town features some fascinating medieval buildings, towers, palaces… truly impressive when you discover that massive renovation work was undertaken here during the Fascist period to highlight the town’s medieval past and exclude all other signs. The final objective was the creation of a national identity in a relatively young country.

Most tourists might not be aware of this, yet nature and culture intertwine with politics, religion, economics… and art and architecture are only one aspect, perhaps the most visual aspect of this bigger process. That’s why nothing will ever substitute traveling and staying in the actual places. Treat yourself and your family to a fantastic Italian holiday in Tuscany: stay in Antico Borgo San Lorenzo and enjoy the sights, the cuisine and the Chianti wines as never before.