The war between Salvucci and Ardinghelli families in San Gimignano was a true feud, which divided the city in two parts.
It wasn’t only because of the members of the two prestigious families that the tempers got ignited, but also because of the servants, among which there was a contemptuous rivalry.
This rivalry was often spreading in nearby lands: it is said that also at Antico Borgo San Lorenzo (farmhouse near Florence and Siena) you could see stable boys, who after the umpteenth glass of wine, were arguing excitedly defending each his own dynasty.

Love near Siena and Florence. Emma and Tommaso LoveFor this reason, the story of Emma and Tommaso is fascinating, and finds more and more enthusiasts. According to some legends told by voice, Tommaso was a young guy who was taking care of Ardinghelli’s beautiful horses. Born and raised in San Gimignano, Tommaso knew perfectly the ways around the city and loved to go around and explore with his donkey.

He was a very lively boy, very well known in town, always ready to answer in kind. He had a fast tongue that often got him into troubles, especially when he wanted to defend Ardinghelli’s reputation.

The first time he saw Emma was, in fact, when he was arguing with some of Salvucci’s stable boys. The group was coming out of the stables at the same time that three girls were going to their homes.

Tommaso was immediately shocked by Emma’s beauty, by her blue clear eyes that were in contrast with her hair and dark skin. In order to get noticed by her, he started reviling Salvucci’s family, unleashing the boys wrath who started running after him.

Emma noticed him, but she was not fascinated by him. Anyway, this was the very start of their story, who fulfilled their love dream..